Danielle Parsons

Danielle Parsons specializes in making small subjects larger than life. Experiencing her work is like visiting a science museum inside an art gallery inside a meditation chamber. Whether it be floating through pastel lightscapes inside a precious opal, or translating sound waves into mesmerizing patterns on water, Danielle’s passion as a director is to transport audiences into immersive worlds of pure beauty and wonder.

Danielle’s unique perspective stimulates her appetite for innovation in filming with both light and electron microscopes, motorized micro-rigs, as well as close-up macro, high-speed and drone cameras. She has produced and directed content for Slate, Bloomberg TV, BBC, and The History Channel.

Danielle’s fascination with science took shape at Harvard University, where she studied under influential scientists E.O. Wilson and Stephen Jay Gould. She has filmed in many countries, along with the Galapagos Islands. She is a winner of the Nikon Small World in Motion competition for video microscopy. Her films have screened at numerous festivals and outlets, including the Imagine Science Film Festival the Tofino Film Festival and WIRED.

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