Maya Edelman

Maya Edelman is an animation director from Brooklyn, NY. She attended Pratt Institute, and has been working in animation and illustration since 2008. Her animation work toes the line between commercial and independent worlds. She has produced animation and design for MTV, Google, and Oreo ads.

She is contributor on a variety of animated projects, including the “Mushrooms” episode of BROAD CITY and the Academy Award-winning documentary film, ICARUS. She created title sequences, and developed a visual identity for the feature films, COLLECTIVE: UNCONSCIOUS (2016) and QUEER GENIUS (2017), and directed the animation sequences throughout the film OUT OF MY HEAD (2018). Her paper sculpture has been featured at Recess Gallery’s Marie Lorenz: Flow Pool show during an evening with Underwater New York, as well as the Chance Ecologies exhibition at the Queens Museum and Gowanus Souvenir Shop. Her illustration work was featured in the “Liminality” exhibition at Gowanus Print Lab, and “Shrink Show” at the Living Gallery, and exhibitor at Brooklyn Zine Festival.

She is currently animating stories for the New York Times and NPR’s Radiolab.

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